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Personalised Ceremonies .................

My name is Trilby Beetham and I am an Independent Celebrant based in Preston Lancashire.  


I trained and gained my certification with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants early in 2018.


I take great pride in creating customised Ceremonies just for you.


Weddings, Civil Ceremonies and Vow Renewals. 

Any ceremony is a very personal event and these milestones deserve to be created with the love and care anyone would expect.  I can provide all this and more, as I believe that all my ceremonies, firstly reflect you and your wishes, and secondly give you the total confidence in the unique day you are going to share with your closest friends and families.

Whatever you decide you want in your celebration, I will work tirelessly to achieve the perfect day because, after all, this will be “Your Day – Your Way” and it should be completely memorable. You will have complete control over the content, in terms of vows, re-affirmation vows, readings, poems and any music and songs. The best news is you can completely separate the official part, ie the registration of your marriage, and have a celebration in a place of your choice with or without a license with your chosen Celebrant.  You must remember that for a marriage to be legal it must be registered, have two witnesses and be held in front of an official registrar. This can be performed prior to or after your ceremony. 

Some of you may require a Ritual element to your celebration i.e. Hand Fasting, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candles or even Jumping the Broom this too can be easily accommodated,  nothing is compulsory, and I can work with you to achieve all your wishes.

All you need to do initially is get in touch, so we can arrange a meeting when we can discuss achieving all your dreams to complete your day, this can be done by email, phone, Skype or in person.

Unity, Adoption and Baby Naming Ceremonies

We are all aware of the traditional Christenings and Blessing services, but many may ask so “What is a Naming Day?” When we become parents, we experience many things from extreme emotions and the acute awareness of the responsibility.

Having a Naming Ceremony can be just what you want it to be, and jointly we can create a beautiful and fun ceremony to emphasise the hopes and dreams you wish to share for your child/children and with your family and friends.

It can be a unique way to welcome your child/children to the family and to include the people who will be important in their lives.  Maybe not traditional Godparents but perhaps Life Guides who could offer guidance, advice and support at the start of their life journey and beyond. 


Here too you can add any contributions, readings or songs to enhance the whole experience. I can also provide a ceremony to welcome new children into your family in a Unity Ceremony and/or an Adoption Service .

End of Life Celebrations and Ashes Scattering Ceremonies

How we celebrate to end of a loved ones life can be an emotional experience.  Here is where I can help by providing a personalised service with information provided by your families recollections, where I will work to make your service as perfect as possible. 

I can also provide a small ceremony for the scattering of a loved ones ashes in a way to include all your wishes to make this final act as painless as possible. 


The Celebrant Motto is:

"Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Ceremony".  I strive to work for you with this motto in mind.  

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